Traditional Climbing

August 2023

Welcome back, back in Kottenheim for Trad Climbing.

This route was nerve breaking. The thrilling Dungeons & Dragons Crack Trad Climbing route in Kottenheim near to Ettringen. This Amazing and scary Crack route rated 8- or 6C+ is definitely an adrenaline-packed experience! I did this route 11 years ago and bought the correct protection for it but still it keeps you engaged. If you're a fan of Crack's then you need to check out this climbing route – it's sure to be a blast! We made the video a bit scary as the dark environment in Krokodilen-rucken is definitely gives you these vibes of a Dungeon. Please watch the movie πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

July 2023

Hi Welcome back. This picture is from Ulmer Grun a Finger Crack climbing route in Zeckenloch (Ticks Hole) in Kottenheim Germany. In fact it is a demanding finger crack route for experienced Trad climbers. With incredible nasty lock-outs and moves in the crack to the top of the route! The route is rated 7+ UIAA or 6B+/6C. Ettringen. If you're interested in trad climbing, then you need to check out this route! 

I did this route several years ago in my prime condition and lots of strength. Now with lesser strength and slight injuries this is quite a challenge. But good to fight yourself into the crack an keep on it. We have made a video from it for you guys, please comment if you want πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

June 2023

This Willi BrΓΆsel Crack climbing route in Zeckenloch (Ticks Hole) in Kottenheim Germany is a must-do for beginning Trad climbers. With incredible moves in the crack to the top of the route! The route is rated 6- UiAA or 5c. If you're interested in trad climbing, then you need to check out this route! This 4K footage will give you a chance to see the route in detail, from the amazing climbing to funny bloopers by Jan. This is one climbing route you don't want to miss!

May 2023

Back to Trad Climbing again πŸ˜€. We back in Kottenheim to have our first easy Trad routes again. We made a video about it in which you see bees attacking our Drone when filming. You will also see Sandra being attacked by a cork from here Sekt bottle?? Due to injuries it was the first time again that we went on a Trad Climbing trip to Kottenheim in Germany. Sandra was allowed to take her first steps again after walking with crutches for 3 months. It is obvious that I have to come in shape again so I went running to get some exercise. 

You'll see the bees attack on a drone, as well as see the first trad climb in Kottenheim, Germany, performed by Jan belayed by Sandra. We hade to clean the drone after the attack from the wings of the Bees Keep an eye out for future videos featuring Sandra and Jan as we explore more Trad Climbs in Kottenheim and Ettringen and around Europe!

September 2022

This vacation is all about Trad Climbing in the beautiful Pfalz in Germany. The amazing rock formations of red sand stone is wonderful. The rock is often uphill and just above the forest. The crags are excellent for Trad Climbing but also hard Sport Climbing. The first day we were caught by a rain shower and had to dry our climbing gear in the tent. We visited many new crag that were exiting and we had good weather. In all honesty we noticed that our age starts to influence doing harder routes that were easy in the past πŸ˜…. I simply had difficulties completing rout in the 8 grade (7a).  We enjoyed the food and environment on our camping. Please watch our video on Youtube and support us by subscribing to our channel, which is free. Please enjoy πŸ˜€ πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Sandra and Jan.

June 2022

In June we made video's for all Trad and Crack climbing lovers with cracks from finger to fist width. Everyone is welcome to enjoy and to see this nice sport. Maybe soon Off-Width climbing again . The area around Koblenz called the Volcano Eifel area is well known because of its lava and basalt creating the perfect crack climbing rock. Places like Ettringen, Kottenheim and Mayen with plenty Trad climbing possibilities. We had already nice weekends in the fore season and had a great time in the eifel area. We started with easy routes in Kottenheim. On the FalkleymΓΌhle camping we show you the restored water mill that was just running when we came along. Great cracks for Trad-aholics.

April 2022

Easter weekend in Germany.

We had such a great weekend in the Easter in Kottenheim and Langscheid. First we met some wonderful people from US and Germany during our trad climbing activities. We more or less told our life stories. We will definitely meet them again. In the evening we where invited for a typical easter fire party on the Camping FalkleyMuhle in Langscheid. A great evening with friends and family around a huge fire. Somehow the morning was hard πŸ˜….

August 2021

A climbing weekend full of Trad Climbing. That was the goal and it started like it should.
Good weather perfect rock and great friendship with us.
So we had a nice time in Kottenheim in Germany with cool climbing, filming and having a nice barbecue with fire and nice drinks. Regretfully we had pouring rin the other morning so instead of climbing we went for Hiking over the volcano's

September 2019

Trad climbing is our favorite climbing activity, the mental and physical aspect of this type of climbing makes it a full complex activity that we like. We love to be in our "home area" called Ettringen with plenty of cracks to train your abilities. If you went any advice on the gear that we use please leave us a message so we can inform you.
For companies that want a review on their gear please send us your request and we can make a review story of it in our blog, website, instagram or youtube account.

April 2018

Trad Climbing in Annot is a must do for traditional climbers

Yes we went back to Annot again, last year we were left with good memories from this beautiful place and the fun that we had with traditional climbing, sport climbing and bouldering. This vacation was concentrated around trad climbing and doing a little bit of Bouldering. We explained last time where Annot is and what you can do to enjoy. Although it was chilly in April, the weather became quickly warm, specially when you walked up the path from the train station to La Chambre du Roi. We did this multiple times, so you will get well trained legs and will loose some weight with 15kG gear on your back. Hi Hi.

We started at La Cave again but this time no crowds of people. Super. Very nice easy crack starters like Adam and Eve to get ready for harder stuff. La Voie du Sage 6a+ but has a quit physical offwidth part. Look at the picture with the rope against the wall with 250-300 meters below you.

June 2017

Trad climbing in "our" local area in Ettringen and Kottenheim Germany. We love this basalt area with its perfect cracks. They were formed when the lava from the volcano cooled down and scrunk. We often take young climbers with us to give them the oppertunity to experience this way of climbing.
If you are interested please let us know. 

May 2017

Annot, France a province in the southern part of France, his it allπŸ˜€.
Perfect crack climbing on sandstone.
What sandstone? Yes, sandstone! It is incredable. But please be aware of this precious area its high and even for us scary at some points.
Next to tradclimbing you can also do sport climbing and in a close by area do bouldering. It can definitly be as interesting as Fontainebleau. 

May 2017

Pfalz, Germany red sandstone in with beautiful nature and a nice country side. Walking to the sandcastels is already an adventure.

Both traditional as well as sportclimbing is possible, not to forget bouldering.
Please be aware of rules during breeding season that means some cracks are closed.

Sportclimbing might be intimidating because of sparely space between bolts back from history and the local bolting war.

Combining climbing with good wines from the area makes it a perfect vacation locationπŸ€— 

July 2016

Bohuslan, Sweden is another perfect tradional climbing location. With perfect rough granite and cracks it is wonderful if you wish to climb. The hard granite can be eating you skin so please be aware. As you perhaps can see by the picture the route is called 'granite biting' πŸ˜€ 

April 2015

Cadarese in Italy a very special crack climbing area. Again sandstone with perfect splitters. The Benefit is the nice Italian foods and wines. Please be aware of the limited belay areas on side of the rock quite high upπŸ˜‰


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