May 2024

This May I went Wild Camping in a Green Wet Forest Alone. I did my best to make a comfortable camp with a nice fire and used Bushcraft Skills to make comfortable.

I made a Relaxing ASMR video of this adventure. So if you want to experience the relaxed vibes of Solo Overnight Wild Camping adventure in a green wet forest with Bushcraft cooking and ASMR sounds. Unwind and connect with nature in this soothing video! In this video I share with you How relaxing it is and to experience the tranquility of Wild Camping Alone in a nice forest and clear your mind! Built a Tarp Shelter, making a safe fire pit. Enjoying the wild life and hear the ASMR sounds of nature. Everyone can do this and it is great in the outdoors to escape from the busy city life. This video was recorded in a beautiful forest of Kasterlee in Belgium. 

April 2024

Hi all, Sandra and I went on a Wild Camping adventure somewhere in the Forest of Arendonk in Belgium. 

Sandra is still walking with Crutches as she is still recovering from the knee surgery and her recovering is going very slow. We did something completely new. We dug two holes in the ground to make a smokeless fire.  On this fire we made a delicious meat stew. The weather was warm and the forest was full of mosquitos that attacked us quite intensively.

Experience the beauty of nature and learn how to cook outdoors in this unique cooking experience! This 4K video will show you our experience with cooking a Meat Stew and French Toast on a Smokeless Fire in The Ground in a forest. 

January 2024

Hi Sandra and I went on an Adventure outdoors for Winter Wild Camping, where we brave the cold in a wet forest while cooking delicious Italian Ossobuco over the Open Fire Pit. 

Sandra is still walking with Crutches and this was just before her knee surgery! We heated our simple Tarp Shelter with our DIY Woodstove. We had an amazing experience in "almost freezing temperatures" in the beautiful wintry wilderness. We made a video about it that was recorded in a small forest of Waasmunster in Belgium.  Go to Youtube to check the video out.  Cheers Sandra and Jan

November 2023

Mysterious Griendwerkershut: 

I went on a Solo Wild Camping Experience in the Biesbosch Wilderness, where I explored the Griendwerkershut or Woodworkershut  which is a hidden gem in the Netherlands. It was a interesting journey through the lush nature and tranquil atmosphere of this unique camping spot. Please watch the Youtube video and come along and experience the beauty of the outdoors with me! The woodworkershut called the "Griendwerkershut" is located in the National Wild Park "The Biesbosch" in the Netherlands. This is one of the last places in the Netherlands where it is allowed to do "Wildcamping" or Paal-Camping for maximal 24 hours.  The A-frame hut has 5 sleeping places, an outside water pump and steel fire Pit. It is not allowed to use tents or tarps, it is just allowed to sleep inside the the Hut. Enjoy with me this adventure. Cheers Jan πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

August 2023

We went Wild Camping at the amazing Lac de Clausis in the French Alps with Sheep Dog's as our Guardians. What an adventure!!!! 

This was an amazing experience and we had a lot of fun. 

Lac de Clausis is a beautiful place in the French Alps and the sheep dogs were barking at us protecting the sheep herd but some were friendly to us. If you're interested in camping in beautiful locations like this, be sure to watch this video! See the video below. We'll share our tips and tricks for enjoying Wild Camping with Sheep Dog as Guardians, so you can stay safe and have an amazing experience.  

August 2023

We had our vacation in the south of France in the Haute Alpes region. Sandra wanted to try wild camping or better said bivouacing  high on the mountain. So it is allowed to put your bivak up about the tree line after 19.00 and leave before 9am. We made a video from this adventure, where we'll show you how we went on a wild camping adventure high up on a Alp Mountain in a Small Tarp. This was one of the most fun and adventurous camping trips we've ever done and we can't wait to do it again! If you're looking for a camping trip that'll leave you with a lasting memory, then be sure to check out our video! We'll show you how we went camping high on this Alp Mountain in a small tarp. Sandra was not able to walk well so we kept it low profile hiking trip.

June 2023

Sandra went Wild Camping for the first time Alone. 

This is her story. I went to Belgium in a farmers region with nice land for agriculture and woods around it . I picked some wooden sticks from the forest to make my tarp a little higher from the ground as I could not bend my knee completely when lying down. It was wonderful weather and enjoyed the sun very much.  I cooked fish (a sea brass) in a newspaper which was new for me but it turned out to be "Great". I hope I can show other women how easy and fun it is to camp alone! The video turned out to be a great guide for anyone looking to try camping for the first time and how much fun it is to be out in nature by yourself! If you're looking for an adventure, check out Woman First Wild Camping Alone's amazing story of camping alone for the first time on YouTube!

April 2023

Sandra was already for 2 months not allowed to walk to have her knee healed from osteonecrosis. This means that she is in a wheelchair or walking with Crutches. With Easter she wanted to get out and enjoy the outdoor again.  So we made a video to show you how to enjoy Bushcraft (Wild camping) with walking disabilities! We'll show you how to set up a campsite, make a fire, and grill our dinner on our camping trip. Whether you're a person with a walking disability or not, this video is a great way to learn some basic Bushcraft techniques. We'll take you on a tour of the forest wilderness and teach you how to enjoy the great outdoors like a pro! See us Cooking our Tosti's, a great Steak and Pancakes on Open Fire. This video was recorded in the forest of Arendonk in Belgium.

Please watch and enjoy.

March 2023

In early March I went for a solo overnight camping adventure in the woods and made amazing Pine Needle tea and delicious food. I made a fire pit in the ground to keep it from spreading. Made a tarp shelter using primitive Bushcraft skills making small sticks as stakes. It was great to enjoy some amazing ASMR wild life recordings afterwards. This is the best camping video I've ever made! Please relax and enjoy the relaxing rain and nature sounds in the morning. This video was recorded in the forest of Arendonk in Belgium. 

PS: was not allowed to walk which was the reason I was alone in the forest.

Bushcraft in Forest with Tarp setup, Cooking Outdoors and a Rainy Morning with ASMR sounds, Please Enjoy

January 2023

Hi All, in January we were off for a 2 days Bush-Crafting weekend in a farm forest. The weekend showed terrible weather conditions with Heavy Rain and Strong Winds. We managed to set up a Wind Shelter and our Tarp Tent for our nights sleeps. Sandra secretly organized something to celebrate my 60 years age of life, so she invited some family and friends to share the cold weather with Gluhwein, Sandwiches and sausages as a delicious meal! The first evening we had a BEEF STEW in our Cast Iron pan and evening after we started the night off with a FIRE Gluhwein, and then cooked Tomato Soup. Then next morning BREAKFAST started with PANCAKES Yummy!. We're so grateful for our friends and family, and we can't wait to celebrate another party in the woods together! Thanks for joining us in this special celebration!

December 2022

Hi Beautiful People, In the end of the year we went for a Bush-crafting weekend in the Forest. We made a video about it where we'll be demonstrating how we Bushcraft in the Forest, set up our tarp and cooking delicious spit roasted chicken over the fire pit! This is a great skill to have if you're looking to explore nature and cook delicious food while out camping and enjoy the sounds of the rain in the forest! This video is perfect for those of you who love camping and cooking outdoors! This video was recorded on Christmas Eve and first Christmas Day in the Belgium Forest near to Kasterlee. It was a great place with plenty of dead dry wood for the fire pit. 

PS: The Chicken had a Happy Life in the open environment as well. 

May 2022

Hello beautiful people welcome again to our website.

We take you on our Wild Camping and Bushcraft adventure in Belgium. We show how to built a Tarp Shelter set-up with the use of branches from a tree. DD Tarp The branches came from a fallen tree next to the river. The spot was in Sint-Huibrechts-Lille at a river called Warmbeek in Pelt Belgium. The weather was super sunny but also quite windy. We started to make a Bushcraft camp and collecting dry wood for the fire this evening. I made a trip pot to do cooking directly over the open fire. We made a marvelous meal with asparagus and some meat. It was a very relaxing night with plenty of sounds and we slept like a rose. In the morning when we woke up it was raining. We directly made a fire for Sandra so she could start baking her bread for our breakfast with bacon & eggs and coffee. The birds were singing for us. After breakfast we started ramping the camp down again. It was a great adventure and we liked it a lot. 

If you enjoyed this video, Please hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button as well as NOTIFICATION BELL on Youtube, and if you have any questions please leave us a message below in the comments. We really appreciate it! So please πŸ™ do, we will be grateful. Thanks for watching; Sandra and Jan from the 2 Small Adventurers πŸ™. 

January 2022

Sandra is Back!

We had planned to have a bushcraft overnight stay in the woods with a nephew of Sandra. Regretfully he became ill so I had find a new partner or go alone. Sandra volunteered to go along with me although she could not hike as much as normal.

So we adapted our plan with less hiking and more tasks around the camping spot. Sandra arranged the cooking and she trained her photography skills around our camp.

The strong wind from the west made us to create shelter behind bushes and we made our layout for the fire pit and tarp set-up. Regretfully the wind turned 90 degrees and the smoke of the fire pit came directly into the tarp. We tried to put the fire somewhere else but the wind kept changing πŸ˜….

Nevertheless we had a great evening with nice sunset and a brisk morning with a great breakfast fro SandraπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ.

December 2021

This was again a solo camping experience. Sandra was recovering from her knee surgery. I made a choise for a location without too much luxury. So this place was in Belgium on a farm with two rivers and some small woods along the side. The lady of the house was stating that why I chose such bad weather to go for camping. I simply stated that that was exactly the purpose. I experienced real survival as the wind was hard and everything was wet from the rain.So the Tarp almost flu in the air and the wood was not able to set fire. I got hungry and needed food and a warm drink so it had to work. Eventually the fire lit up and I saved my evening by cooking on the fire. The rain kept on dripping on the tarp, while I continued cutting wood to keep me warm. It was not easy but it gave great satisfaction to be able to survive. Please watch this video on YouTube if you want. Cheers Jan.

October 2021

Solo Camping bushcrafting in the woods. Regretfully Sandra had to take a surgery for her knee and was unable to hike. So I made a plan to do it on my self this year. I prepared all minimal equipment for a one overnight bushcraft trip. I chose the Monday as it is more quit although everybody is heading for work. OK, I had to collect wood for the evening and the first problem arised. The handsaw was stuck in a branch that bended when almost half thru. Bummer. No worries, I took my axe and freed the handsaw, hurray. I realised that filming and being active takes a lot of planning and organisation. I went to the location and had to make choises. On the open area with good light it was very windy, where it was sheltered it was dark and difficult to film. I chose the last one and had to hurry before it became too dark. I made fire and started to cook on the open fire with a tripot. The food was delicious. I had a great night with all sounds of animals around me. I even sweated and lost 1.5 kg πŸ˜€. In the morning with a fragile sun I made bacon and eggs and started to collect all my stuff. I made the camping spot back to how I found it with no trace or litter at all. In one word it was wonderfull.

March 2021

We hiked through a Dutch National Park called the "Drunese Duinen" The park has increadable nice sanddunes which sometimes can be quite high. Then we followed our way to a camping spot near a small lake. There was always a sheep farm where we found some protection from the wind behind some trees. We set up our tarp tent and used our bushcrafting skills to make a fire and start our outdoor cooking directly on the open fire from a tripot. Sandra even made some bread. We had a nice evening and morning with stunning views. We do apologies for the wind noises in our video. 

December 2020

Hi Join us on our hiking tour through the woods to find a location to make our Tarp Tent shelter for a one night Winter Camping. The spot we chose had a nice small lake where we found some material to sit on believe it or not a left over BBQ. We made ourselves a fire and Sandra cooked a nice diner over a tri-pot made from 3 stakes from the forest. The home made wood stove kept us warm through the night where the temperature dropped below -1 Β°C / 30 Β°F.

November 2019

It took more than a year that we went back to the spot where "Paal Camping" was allowed. There was a huge storm some nights before so we had be careful with any branches that could fall down from trees. As usual we first made shelter and start searching for dry wood. Easy peasy, the branches that had fallen were dry and excellent. We did bring our small 2 persons tent but we agreed that this was the last time as we want to sleep in the outside with just a tarp. It saves 2.7 kilograms in weight and a tarp keeps us dry from the rain. Only down side is that you can not close it. Sandra made for this weekend again a nice stew meal on the open fire. Needless to say that you eat a lot when temperatures drop and chopping wood. Next morning we made bacon and eggs on the campfire and started our day in a steamy forest. Its always nice to enjoy the forest, being active and appreciate each other company and love.

January 2018

We learned a lot from our first-time bush-crafting. In 2017 we took too much stuff with us. Including but not limited to firewood to cook, but also to keep us warm. Especially during the night (because the night it can get quite cold, because you don't move as much).In the forest you can find all the firewood you can find. You can even find firewood if it rained for days of even weeks. You would think you can't but boy where we wrong. Al of our stuff we took with us in 2017 we put in our backpacks, that where way to heavy to even think about putting it on our backs/shoulders. And to walk with them. But we didn't know that yet, so a travel later got Sandra some back problems. So to prevent this from happening again we took a cart with us, to put our stuff in. While walking we arrived at a spot where you are allowed to camp, So, the first thing we did was making a shelter in the late afternoon. Then we started searched for our firewood and made a fire for hot coffee and tea.In the early evening we started with making a chicken stew. When it gets dark you can enjoy said stew from your own campfire. We had a great stay in the woods in the Chaamse Bossen.

January 2017

Jan came to me on one morning with a great idea, to sleep outside in the forest. After a discussion we agreed to make it happen.In the Netherlands it is not allowed to camp without a permit, on places that are not designed for a camping spot. We looked up information about place where we could camp. As you might can guess we used Google."Paalkamperen" in the forest is a fine possibility, but there are a few rules you need to follow. But these rules should not be too hard for people. Because it was the first time, we could camp in the forest. We made some preparations with this in mind "don't forget anything". When we where packed we thought it was pretty cool to walk to the camping spot. Which it was at least in the first 5 minutes and in the pictures . But while walking I feld a beating pain on my back, so we will do this differently next year.  


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