November 2021

The reservation for a relaxing weekend was planned long before the pandemic outbreak. Due to covid we had to wait for 2 years to be able to travel to this place. Now it was the correct time. Although the original plan was with another group of people Sandra and Jan invited some other members. We went to the vacation house 't Kasteelhof in Veulen (near to Heers) in Belgium. The luxury house had nice rooms and a big garden but most interesting was the Wellness environment. A big swimming pool, sauna and a jacuzzi great. While Jan did all kind of outdoor activities like mountain biking and running the others went to see some interesting art objects in the area. You will notice that Sandra is in a wheelchair, this because she has to heal from a knee surgery. (Meniscus) We hope she will be better before the climbing season starts again 🙏. So we as climbers normally climb the whole year around but now it was time to relax and to enjoy 😀 The weather was rainy and sometimes some sun which made it excellent to do this relaxing. In the afternoon we had to head back to the Netherlands. In the early evening we arrived and made ourselves a nice meal with some 🍷🍷 we looked back on a great weekend. Please enjoy the video and if you have any questions please leave us a message below in the comments. We really appreciate it! So please 🙏 do, we will be greatful. If you like our video's please give a thumbs up and if you want to join us Please Subscribe to our channel, and push the notification bell so won't miss a video. We hope you do so we can reach the 100 subscribers before New Year 2022 🙏♥️🙋🏻‍♀️ Thanks for watching; Sandra and Jan from the 2 Small Adventurers 

February 2022

Hunebedden, Dutch Dolmen in Drenthe relaxing in The Netherlands but Climbing Them?

NOooo, we did not climb on the Dolmen or "Hunebedden". We respect the regulations of NOT climbing on the Dolmen even though we are Rock Climbers. This weekend was to celebrate the birthday of Sandra in a different environment. A nice apartment built in a stable at a farm with a Sauna outside. 😀. Drenthe is a province with stunning beauty with sanddunes, woods, moors, picturesque villages, And prehistoric monuments. It's the province with almost all of the Dolmens, situated in the north east of the Netherlands. A hunebed or dolmen is a stone burial chamber from the Neolithic time that consists of standing supporting stones, covered by one or more capstones. Dolmens are according to current theory the remains of prehistoric burial chambers. However not regarded as graves in the ordinary sense, but rather as charnel houses. There are dolmens that are believed to have only served as holy doms. In the Netherlands they are mainly found in Drenthe, mostly on the Hondsrug. They were built between 4000 and 3000 Before Crist. 


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