Good and Healthy Food

June 2023

In the Netherlands there is a custom to take Herring bites (maatjes)  when the new herring season starts.

The tradition is to consume one or more herrings (maize herring) out of hand. 

The herring is held by the tail and possibly "dipped" in finely chopped onion. The herring is then eaten, starting from the side where the herring head used to be.

You see Sandra taken her bite in the Herring taken it by the tail.

This her favorite fish shop where she regularly buys fish. 

Great pictures! 

November 2022

Do you want to learn how to cook with a Dutch Oven? Watch us in this video having cooking lessons for beginners! The master cook Ron learned us how to cook everything from meat and vegetables to bread and baked goods in this easy-to-use oven on open fire and coals. If you're new to Dutch oven cooking, this video is for you! We show you what we have learned from the basics of cooking with a Dutch oven. This video was taking during a cooking class with with other participants in the Netherlands. The coarse was given on a Dutch Pigs farm. We had a great time and enjoyed the company of the host, teacher and other participants. Please enjoy the video and if you have any questions please leave us a message below in the comments. We really appreciate it! So please 🙏 do, we will be grateful. If you like our video's please give a thumbs up and if you want to join us Please Subscribe to our channel, and push the notification bell so won't miss a video. 

April 2018

Annot in the south of France. Trad climbing paradise on sand stone! Wonderfull! One the last day of our holiday I finished a 7a trad climbing route on-sight so it was time for a small celebration. Sandra and I ordered and nice warm "Brushetta" with bacon and cheese. Needles to say that with a nice meal you need also a nice wine 😂. So a dry Savignon Blanc was excellent finish of the nice meal.

December 2017

This is what you are living for! To cook healthy food with friends on a wood stove. This year we spent our Christmas time in Spain with our family. We made ourselves Paella with clamps and sea food and on another evening we had very nice Sunfish "Dorada's".
The Cook of the of the evening was our nephew, who outdid himself and managed to prepare the fish wonderfully😍.


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