March 2024

Hi we bought a New Tent! 

We pleased ourselves with an upgrade of our DIY hot tent by puchasing a brand new One Tigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent. 🤩 In the weekend we went on a small hike into the fields and forest to do the unboxing or unpacking the hot tent for the first time.. Get an exclusive look at our first set up of the OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent!

We made a video so Sandra and Jan are Unboxing or Unpacking the tent and show you how to set it up for your next camping trip. Perfect for cold weather camping, this tent will keep you warm and comfortable on your outdoor adventures. Don't miss this first look and learn more about this amazing hot tent!

As Sandra is still on crutches after her knee surgery we kept the hike very limited but wanted to update you with our brand new camping gear. You can see us struggling but enjoying the first spring sun and eating a nice outdoor meal in a relaxing atmosphere and making a small fire in the woodstove.

March 2024

Hi, we did something new. We made a review video about our camping sleep mattresses. So we give our honest review how we expeienced the last 30 years of sleeping on a mattress and why we chose these versions. SO get ready for the ultimate camping sleep mattress comparison battle between Thermarest "original" and the Exped Synmat 7mw! In this review, we'll put these two popular options head to head and help you decide which one is the right choice for your outdoor adventures. Don't hit the trails without watching this video first!

We liked to step out of our comfort zone and present in a video. Please write something to us. Every comments is welcome good or bad. Cheers Sandra and Jan

November 2022

We made a video how I changed my standard Climbing Harness to a full dedicated Trad Climbing Harness. I always was searching (rather blind) for my small gear when I needed them the most and urgent. I created two additional material loops on the front for short trad climbing gear. This to have quick and easy access to essential gear when it really matters. No time to loose in searching for gear. Please watch the video how I created those additional loops.

January 2022

We normally take care of our climbing gear in the winter time which is normally the off season for our trad-climbing activities.

We inspect our cams (friends, camelots) ballnuts and other small gear on any possible damage, miss function or wear. We take out the bad pieces for safety. The good ones we clean and give them maintenance and being lubed up again for the next season. We made a video about this activity to share how we do that. Please go to the youtube episode for this and also enjoy the examples of gear placements in a couple of trad areas. Some nice drone shots in our favorite local trad location Ettringen in Germany


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