Mountain biking

February 2022

During the lockdown we as Climbers are again searching for alternatives for climbing when the climbing gyms are closed. With our friends we regulary go mountain biking. We only miss our star Sandra, but she will be back one day 🥰 As indicated earlier we are by no means experts and rather slow in comparison to real pro-bikers but we enjoy every weekend new tracks in the region and the nature surroundings. The weather was ver wet this winter so we show you the MUDDY tracks of Breda-Meerlse Dreef-Breda, the wettest mud pools of Reusel in the south of the Netherlands and the Beautiful Sanddunes of the Drunense Duinen 👌

May 2021

In this month we did a lot of mountain biking, nice to seen the nature changing to spring. The grass becoming greener and the trees started to show their little new leaves. Between the trees, small plants started to grow as well. Awesome 😀

Sometimes it was a little muddy so, we had to clean our bikes and ourselves.

February 2021

We are climbers and during the lockdown when the climbing gyms and borders are closed we need to explore alternatives. With our friends we decided to go mountain biking. We are by no means experts but we enjoy every weekend new tracks in the region and the surroundings nature. Our skills are slowly becoming better and our navigating skills are improving. One member of our team had to be saved out of a ditch with water to prevent drowning. Lukely, we got him out as well as his bike. Ha Ha. The area that we did in our tours we call it 'the Dutch Mountains' around the area's Breda and Tilburg. It is still very flat for international viewers but for us it is plenty of elevations.

August 2017

A big achievement for us this year was the mountainbike ride onto the Month-Ventoux in the south of France in the Provence.  We started early in rainy cold conditions. During the ride it became better upwards to the top. We managed the steep way up quite easily and became satisfied when we reached the top.
Up there it was freezing cold brrrrr. We quickly went down and there was a lot of wind. We had to stop as our fingers froze and could not use our breaks any longer. The wind was almost blowing us against the cars that past us by.
A little under the top we had to stop in the sun to get warm again. Sandra could not even get of her bike since was stiff from the cold ha ha ha.
A great, big and nice adventure!


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