Leave It Better

The places that we explore we often see that former visitors left quite some trash. Even in climbing areas resulting in a bad reputation and in worst case closure.

Sadly, a minority are disrespecting the places they visit and climber or hikers community are taking the rap. We want to turn this around and send a positive message to local communities, councils and fellow outdoor people alike that we respect and take care of the places we visit.

↟ Next Level 'Leave No Trace'

We've all heard of 'leave no trace' but we're thinking it's time we take it to the next level which means helping to eliminate the traces of others footprints as well. Our favourite way to do this is 'Pick Where You Are'. As well as all the obvious environmental benefits, litter picking sends a powerful, positive message to others that we respect and take care of the places that we visit. It's the ultimate Leave It Better Than You Found It action and it's a gift to the people who visit after you. And if they see the beauty of a place not covered in trash, hopefully they will take greater care in looking after it.

↟ Respect the Locals

Locals, both human and wildlife, deserve to be respected. After all, this is their home and we are just passing through. Be friendly and considerate, pay attention to signs, think about how your actions may affect those around you and consider the message you are sending to others about the camping community.

↟ Support the Communities

One of the reasons campervans get a bad rep is because it is thought they don't contribute to the local tourism. But we know there are plenty of ways to support a local community beyond staying at campsites. Shopping in local stores, dining in or grabbing a takeaway at cafes, pubs and restaurants, buying from local artists or donating to local charities are just some the ways we can support the small communities that we travel through.

↟ Spread the Word

Many of us have been following this ethos quietly up until now, but the time has come to shout about it. Our community is all about spreading a positive message to the World about the campervan and camping community so it's time to get talking. Whether it's to to fellow campers, locals, mates or the guy down the pub, we want you to spread the word about what we are all about. hier en begin te typen. Aperiam eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo.