June 2022

Hi All, we made a video to show you our Hike around Trimbs thru the Volcanic Eifel in Germany. Along the way we had an exiting escape from the Rain into an old Train Tunnel. With quite some darkness and exitement and thank God no trains. We celebrated the hike in the village of Trimbs which had that day a festival with wine tasting and with Bradwurst and Beer. The tour that we did was one of many Traumpfaden in this area The area around Koblenz called the Volcano Eifel area is well known because of its lava and basalt creating the perfect crack climbing rock. Places like Ettringen, Kottenheim and Mayen with plenty Trad climbing possibilities. 

August 2021

During our vacation we had the plan to have a weekend full of climbing with our friend Peter. We planned going to climb in the place called Ettringen (Eifel), Germany. Ettringen is a place in the German state Rijnland-Pfalz , as wel as the country district Mayen-Koblenz.

Saturday it was a perfect day for climbing. It was sunny with some clouds every now and then. But the next day it was raining cats and dogs. The climbing rocks were to wet to climb, because of the rain. Now this isn't a problem if the sun will be shining thru the day, but.....that wasn't the case. When we looked on our weather app it was announced that the weather could become worse from the current situation. So, the rock would not have a change to dry and that meant we sadly could not climb.

Because we couldn't climb, we did something different. We put on our hiking boots and our raincoats and hiked over the "Vulkanpad" which translates to volcano path. We were rewarded with a beautiful views of the volcanoes of the Eifel.
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August 2021

During our summer vacation we went to Guillestre which is a city quite close to the city Briançon, France. It is located in the Hautes Alps which is located in the south France.

During our vacation weeks (of which we got 2) we climb almost ever day. On the days we didn't climb we had a bit of a rest. On those days we rested, we went on hikes so the muscles in our arms and shoulders could have a change to recover. As well as resting physically you should also rest mentally. Because climbing is not only a physical sport, but also a mental one.

"it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. Sir Edmund Hillary"

So, a day of rest can sometimes do miracles. While we were walking, we enjoyed the most beautiful views. In addition to walking, we also took some time to visit the local villages. On the highest side of the mountain that you can reach is the skiing resort, Risoul. On the photo's you can also see the view Fort Mont-Dauphin.*

During our hike we had some time to film with our drone. This is always exiting, and you always learn something new, about a village or city from above.

* I would recommend looking at the picture closely.

May 2021

During a weekend we went on a hiking tour through the beautiful forests of Brabant. Brabant is one of twelve provinces in the Netherlands and is located in the south. It was amazing to see the nature changing from rainy winter weather to a soft spring sunshine and everything beginging to bloom. Most people were enjoying this after the long lock-down period and finally the chance of getting out of the house. 

February 2021

Many winters in the Netherlands are without any snow or ice the last 20 years. But this weekend it was expected that we could get snow during the night and that the temperatures were going to be below zero.
For that reason we  went on a hike through the forest. In the early morning we put on warm clothes  and we went out to see the fresh snow.  It amazing with the snow it became a winter wonderland.


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