Meeting Interesting Beautiful People

October 2022

These 2 amazing people are Sil and Joep. Sil is a friend of Sandra for already for many years. Joep and Sil invited us for a weekend on their living boat to have a boat tour in their area. We made a video about that Boat Adventure. This boat is a 30 meter long inland vessel that was re-built to a luxury home on the water. We departured from the Eem harbour to the Eemmeer (lake). Stunning views, a tour on a speed boat and sleeping on an Island called the "Dead Dog", you name it. We were even invited on a party boat. We enjoyed this very special occasion and like to thank Sil and Joep for the hospitality and the lovely weekend on their boat. Is boat life better than climbing? You tell us in the comments! Please leave us a comment if you want any information from us 😀 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Sandra and Jan.

August 2022

We took a family's son called "Jan" on a climbing trip to Kottenheim in Germany. This was his first experience with real Trad Climbing on real rock with cracks. He found it amazing! The family came along to watch him explore. In the afternoon we had to stop our activities as a team of rescue members of the local emergency community started their training sessions. Thank god we did not had to be rescued 😅. Instead we went early to the camping to make our camp and barbecue. The food was delicious. Next day we went again climbing on another location which was great fun. The family went home with an amazing adventure!

August 2022

We met these two wonderful people Ronald and Cocke first in Utrecht at a climbing gym. 

Instagram @climbersontheroad

We were amazed by their Van and the stories that they had. Traveling, climbing, wintersports and many more inspired us.

Later we met each other again in the south of France in the area of the Val Durance in Hautes Alpes.

We spend a couple of days climbing together  and relaxing on a camping spot.

It was a pleasure to get to know each other 🥰


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