Explore and Adventure


We love to travel and when we travel we do it outdoors. When we travel we also partake in outdoor climbing activities, partake in outdoor climbing activities, and if we want te climb we need tot travel to places that have rocky mountains. And those mountains can be found anywhere in the world. 


During our travels we like to camp somewhere that is quite and somewhere special in nature. It isn't always possible but is we have chance we camp at a wild camping or at a farm that is run bij one of the locals. We have to say that these ways of camping ar out favorites. 


Like with camping we like to be in the woods, fields or between the rocks. Making a shelter surviving the elements with simple gear and cook your food over natural fire is a nice skill.


Next to climbing we like to hike to get to know the natural area better. In this way you experience the local atmosphere and the local communitie better. 


Our future plan is to take up an old hobby and start fishing again. That can be anywhere from river to sea. 


We like to advise you on the gear that we use for our adventures. That can be our Trad climbing equipment or modified harness for more adequate space or any other subject. Like our cooking gear, fishing, tarp and sleeping mattress.