2023 May

2023 April

Bouldering in Glees. Sandra is still not allowed to walk but she definitely wanted to go out of the house and see some nature.

We planned to go to Germany where I could go Bouldering in Glees and Sandra could stay on the Camping in Langscheid.

Bouldering was nice in lower grade routes since my elbow was still not cured from the tennis elbow. But it was great fun.

During this weekend we went to Mayen to visit the city an have some Pizza. The other day we went uphill to a Hutte to have a small lunch. Back on the camping we met our old friends and drank some "Sekt with Strawberries" yummie.

Jan did train his endurance by going running for 6-8 km's in the country side. Great fun and please watch this video on youtube. Thanks!!!

2023 February

Hi All,  in February we always celebrate the birthday of Sandra in a boulder region in the Ruhrtal in Germany.

We boulder  together and celebrate in a luxury hotel with sauna and spa. This year it was different as Sandra is not allowed to walk, so for her no bouldering. Instead I directly drove her to the hotel. Here she could sit and do some editing work. We made again a video from this adventure. I will be showing you how to do some solo bouldering in hauntingly beautiful Avalonia in the Ruhrtal in Germany. Avalonia is a amazing must-visit bouldering destination and is home to some of the most stunning boulders in the world! If you're looking for a bouldering adventure that will leave you feeling inspired, then check out this video! I'll show you some of the easy access boulders in Avalonia in the Ruhrtal. You wonder why I was solo, well that had to do with Sandra her injured knee. Please watch to find out.

2022 October

Here our Bouldering weekend in Fontainebleau in October '22. The Bouldering spots that we did were Rocher du Potala, Petit Bois and the area 95.2. If you're looking for a Bouldering trip with a great Forest ambiance, then Fontainebleau is the place for you! We'll be Bouldering in Fontainebleau in France, with great boulders of Rocher du Potala, Petit Bois and 95.2 each with their own unique bouldering challenges. We made great video for anyone looking to add some new bouldering routes to their list, or for those who just want to spend a weekend in the beautiful Fontainebleau Forest countryside. Watch us enjoying the time at the camping and our bouldering fun with an Age of 59, we looked back on a great weekend. 

2021 September

Yes, it has been a while that we went for bouldering in Fontainebleau. This is all related to the Corona period that was present.

As always bouldering in Fontainebleau is magical and special. International people from all over the world are coming to the forest. Some even dream about it. The sandstone boulders situated in great natural settings create fairy-tale atmosphere. This time the area was in full purple state, wow thats just wonderful. Again we went with our friends and had a great time.

In the evenings we cooked our dinner in the AirBnB of The Big Islands in Milly la Foret. With lovely food, wine and perfect ambiance.

In the morning breakfast with delicious Croissants and coffee which is where you are living for.

2016 September

Bouldering in Fontainebleau is magical. From all over the world climbing people know this area. Perfect boulders in  great natural settings and perfect atmosphere. You can spent your lifetime here. Which some people do. Walking thru the forrest with your friends and encouraging each other to the max is a wonderful feeling.

In the evening the many French restaurants and bars will astonish you with lovely food, wine and perfect ambiance.

In the morning with nice Baguette's and coffee its where you are living for.

Special is the way you can be there with your friends encouraging each other to the max.


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