We are Sandra and Jan. And we love to be outdoors and do all kind of exploring stuff. 

We like rock climbing such as traditional and sport but we also do bouldering, hiking, mountain biking and running. We also like to be in the woods to do camping, bush crafting, cooking on open fire and much more. Simply we love the outdoor life! 

We explore and travel already around the world for more than  16 years and recently we start documenting these activities on social media like YouTube, Instagram and our Blog. Just to invite you to enjoy and learn from our experiences.

In near future we will be adding fishing and start preparing our plans for even more traveling.

We hope you get inspired by our adventurers and if you like our video's please click on the thumbs up button and please Subscribe to our channel and push that notification bell. 

Thank you from,

Sandra & Jan

Our life

Explore and Adventure

Traveling, camping, bushcrafting, hiking and fishing in near future.

Active life style

Go hiking, running, mountainbiking or any other sport if you can even at higher age keep on exersizing 


Climbing, either Traditional or  sportclimbing, single or multipitch routes. And of course bouldering aswell as outdoors as indoors.

Enjoy Life

Appreciate the environment and simple things. Meeting interesting and beautiful people, eat healthy and enjoying good wines but also relax. 

Leave It Better Community

It's simple, Leave It Better Than You Found it. Whether it's wild spaces, urban park, parking lots, locals (both human and wild) or the communities we pass through, our aim is to leave them better than we found them.


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